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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Remembering the Schnitzelbank

The Schnitzelbank was a German restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids for many years. It closed back on February 1st after a nearby hospital bought the land it sits on. The Grand Rapids Press ran a cover story today about the Schnitz' including several of their "famous" recipes. The following are links to the story of the restaurant's closing as well as the recipes.

Remembering the Schnitzelbank:
Traditional German recipes endure

Chef Karl Heinz Staeglich's cucumber salad

Schnitzelbank German potato salad

Schnitzelbank pork hocks

Schnitzelbank potato pancakes

Schnitzelbank red cabbage

Schnitzelbank sauerbraten

Schnitzelbank wiener schnitzel, Holstein

These links should stay good for a couple years. The Grand Rapids Press/Mlive leaves the articles up on their server, but only indexes the last 14 days.

Oddly enough, the retired long-time chef of the Schnitz', Karl Heinz Staeglich, died just last week.