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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fables II Steak Kebobs

A bunch of years ago there used to be a small chain of restaurants known as the Fables Family Restaurants. The partnership was formed between a Mister Faber and a Mister Boyles. They took parts of their two last names to form the name of the company. The original restaurant was once part of the “Kewpie” chain and served hamburgers. Most of the restaurants operated cafeteria style, but a couple of the restaurants were called “Fables II” and offered normal served seating. We got this recipe for this “Steak Kebob” from the chef just before they closed the last Fables II in the mid to late 80s. The whole secret was in the sauce.

(We normally use larger pieces, but this is the description for the original article.)

Basic ingredients:

Cherry Tomatoes
Sweet Onions (like Vidalia Onions)
Green Pepper

Special Sauce: Kraft Catalina Dressing
Cut steak into 1-inch cubes and marinate in the special sauce for two or three hours

Cut the onions and peppers into 1-inch pieces for the kebobs.

Using wood or metal skewers, build the kebobs – alternating between ingredients.
Remember to start and finish each kebob with a chunk of steak so the ingredients don’t fall off when they are being grilled.

Grill the kebobs, basting them with the special sauce. I normally use a brush to remove the remaining sauce from the marinade pan and then just pour the sauce straight from the bottle when I need more.

Warm additional special sauce to serve with the kebobs.
This recipe is a favorite in our family even though our (no longer teen aged) children can't remember eating at Fables II.

Sadly none of the Fables remain in operation. Perkins bought up the Fables II buildings. After the other Fables closed, their buildings were bought by New Beginnings.